The word "aralan" in the Philippines means "a place to study or to learn." AralaNETdesk is an open content project to enable teaching and learning through the aligned use of computer devices, educational software and Internet services. It presents openly published digital application and content to support learning activities, enrichment and remediation. The teacher's training resources provide the digital context to build competencies and performance in the use of interactive learning technologies to design, create, present and evaluate understanding inside and outside the traditional classroom..

AralaNETdesk Project supports the mainstream and emerging frameworks to speak of effective teaching and learning within the context of technology enabled connected and transacting society. The presented methods, templates, software and web application emerge from the needs and lessons derived in engaging teachers, administrators, technologies and product developers in ICT for education initiatives of schools, professional organization, business, and government agencies. .

Open Digital Education Software Kit

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The Open Digital Education Software Kit introduces the open and free licensed software to discover, design and deliver digital technology enabled learning and teaching for all. OpenDESK enables all teachers to freely download, install, test, review, and use educational applications that support the competency goals of the basic education for all..

Open Web Interactive Services

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OPENWISE supports the capability building of teachers to understand and perform the aligned use of computer, Internet, interactive applications and digital content to enrich, enhance, extend and fill the gaps of learning and teaching conditions. OPENWISE aggregates, informs and gives focus on free and usable web based tools and Internet hosted content to acquire, to create, to remember and to share knowledge. OPENWISE allows the teachers to find, review and use computer and web based learning resources in the design of the planned lesson or understanding for all learners.

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